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InnovatorMD Startup Showcase

Dr. Thomas K. Wuest
CEO Ulcer Solutions
June 26, 2024

Current devices used for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries, i.e. bed sores, pressure ulcers, etc. for the lower extremity are almost universally "the boot" or some similar iteration.  Ulcer Solutions, LLC and founder Dr. Christopher Finley, a board-certified ER doc and Wound Care specialist have created an innovative, patented device that is preferred 11:1 by patients who have used a conventional offloading boot compared to our offerings -- the Heel Keeper and Ankle Keeper.Thomas K. Wuest, MD, MMM is currently the CEO of Ulcer Solutions, LLC.  He practiced orthopedic trauma surgery for over 25 years in Eugene, OR and was the President of Slocum Orthopedics, PC for over a decade.  He earned a Masters in Medical Management degree from the USC Marshall School of Business and is a fellow in the Am. Acad. of Orthopedic Surgeons.  He serves as an advisory/observer/board member for several health-related startups.

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