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Testimonials from Clinicians

I would strongly recommend and endorse the Heel Keeper for use in a variety of settings, from home, hospital, skilled nursing facility, Operating Room and any setting where an immobile, at risk for developing pressure ulcer, patient may be found. Heel ulcers are a major problem, and despite the products and methods that are routinely used to offload heels, none have been found to adequately address all areas of concern. Several heel “protectors” on the market have been shown to create new pressure wounds, while most simply do not provide what they claim to do, namely reduce pressure at the heel. Dr. Finley’s design addresses critical factors, including anatomy and the physical issues surrounding an immobile patient. I have personally worn a Heel Keeper and found it to be comfortable to the point that I was unaware I was wearing it after a short amount of time. Patient compliance has been an issue with many “heel protector” products presently on the market. I have nothing to disclose regarding the “Heel Keeper” or my relationship with Dr. Finley. As a physician who has dedicated his professional life to reducing unnecessary suffering and amputations, I would hope that you will consider using this important product as part of your best practices and a medical-legal benefit to your facility.

Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS

Chief Medical Officer, Omeza

Working as an RN in wound care for almost a decade, I’ve seen first hand the damage that unrelieved pressure can do. Many of my patients have impaired mobility, or are de-conditioned and unsteady after a hospitalization. The Heel Keeper has been tremendously helpful with not only relieving pressure, and pain, but increasing compliance and patient safety. Unlike other off-loading boots/devices on the market, patients can easily transfer and ambulate without having to remove the device. The Heel Keeper also doesn’t have to be removed to change dressings for wound care, which maintains the off-loading and increases ease of use for nurses, patients, and family alike. My personal experience extends beyond patient care. My father had a hip fracture and was in skilled nursing for nearly a month. I purchased these devices for him as he was developing early stage bedsores (pressure injuries) of the heels. He felt they were very comfortable and his bedsore’s quickly and completely resolved. I highly recommend these devices to my patients.

Teresa Noone, RN

Wound Care Nurse, PeaceHealth Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center.

I have been a caregiver for over 24 years and own an Adult Foster Care home. I have never come across such an amazing product for pressure sores. Recently, a sweet resident with Parkinson’s developed large pressure sores on both of her heels. The resident’s son had heard of the Heel Keeper and suggested I try it. It was the best product I have ever used for pressure sores. In a short period of time they were gone! This Heel Keeper is very useful and easy to manage, take off and put on. Our resident continues to wear the products and has had no recurrence of the pressure sores. It is lightweight and very user friendly. I highly recommend and am so glad I discovered this product.

Claudia Persa

Persa Inc Adult Family Home

I came across your Heel Keeper device this week. As a nurse with 40 years experience I say “kudos” for a low cost, lightweight, comfortable, single patient use (send it with the patient on discharge to the SNF) device. The Heel Keeper is much more stable and user friendly than any other off-loading product I have seen in 40 years at the bedside. Well done!

Matthew W. King, RN-BC, BSN, MSN

Nurse w/ 40 years experience

I feel the Heel Keeper would be a great option for our patients, and any patients, be it in hospital or out, to offload heel wounds/ulcers. We know, as wound physicians at the Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center, that offloading is essential to healing wounds/ulcers, as well as, prevention of new wounds/ulcers. Patient non-compliance is a significant impediment to healing, for many of our patients. The Heel Keeper offloading device, offers a great solution to offload the heel. Importantly, the Heel Keeper is comfortable, less cumbersome and requires less clinical staff time to apply and fit properly. Each of these qualities are critical for patient compliance.

Antonio J. Carrasco, PhD, MD

Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center, Vancouver, WA

I am the director of nursing at a 120 bed skilled nursing facility. We frequently care for complex patients with pressure injuries or at high risk for pressure injuries. In my experience, the utility of traditional off-loading boots is limited due to patient non-compliance. The heel keeper is different. We’ve been using it for over 4 months. The primary benefit of the heel keeper is compliance. Patients are much more likely to wear the Heel Keeper. Since we started using the Heel Keeper I have not seen any ulcers develop in patients where it was used preventatively and have noted rapid healing when used for existing ulcers. The Heel Keeper’s effectiveness has been rather startling. An additional major benefit is the reduction in fall risk. Patients can easily walk while wearing the Heel Keeper. I highly recommend the heel keeper for patients at risk for heel or ankle ulcers, especially those with cognitive deficits.

Dave Brantley, BSN, RN

Director of Nursing - Vancouver, WA

Testimonials from Patients using the Heel Keeper or Ankle Keeper

My husband is very pleased with this item. It raises his heel off of the bed, and still allows him to get out of the bed to use the WC during the night without coming off. Our dog ate the wedge that comes with the item and the Pres. of the company Dr. Chris Finley was so helpful and kind, he is supplying us with another. Very Good Purchase, highly recommend.

Bonnie Gail A.

Bonnie Gail A.

Heel Keeper

We have used the Ankle Keeper since last July when we became aware of them. My husband could wear it easier more of the time as compared to the larger sponge boots he had tried previously which were very cumbersome and limited times he used them. But the Ankle Keepers can be worn all the time with his shoes or slippers. My husband says it is very comfortable and he hardly notices it is there. We are now ordering our second one.

Jody M.

Jody M.

Ankle Keeper

Dr. Finley had been treating an ulcer on my ankle that would not heal. I tried to wear the big heavy foam boot but I could not sleep or turn while in bed. I began wearing the Ankle Keeper in May, 2018 and I wear it every night.

Sharon K.

Sharon K.

Ankle Keeper

My wife, Jan, loves her new Ankle Keeper. Her thoughts are that this new device has improved her quality of life and allowed her to sleep at night while protecting an ankle wound that has had difficulty healing. She could not be more pleased with what it is doing for her. The cushion stays in place with the new design and works wonderfully.

Keith G.

Keith G.

Ankle Keeper

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