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The Heel Keeper AFO

The Next Evolution in Pressure Injury Prevention & Treatment.
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Heel Keeper AFO with Patient wearing.


Representing yet another innovative breakthrough, the Heel Keeper AFO prevents plantar flexion contracture while still maintaining complete pressure relief of the heel. Uniquely, the footplate/AFO is easily removed and following removal, the device continues to provide complete and comfortable offloading of the heel and foot.

Complete Pressure Relief

The Heel is free-floating – preventing contact with any potential pressure-inducing surface(s) while the Ankle Foot Orthosis holds the ankle in a slightly dorsiflexed position to prevent plantar flexion contracture.

Detachable Footplate

A single velcro flap allows removal of the AFO’s footplate, enabling thorough wound inspection and dressing changes without the need to remove the entire device.

Single Device, Multiple Settings

From the OR to the ICU, the ward or nursing facilities to home, the Heel Keeper AFO is suitable in every patient care setting.

Keeps feet cool

Our breathable and moisture-wicking fabric provides additional comfort, and with the heel freely suspended, the HK AFO helps keep patients’ feet cool, enhancing compliance.


Enhanced comfort, improved compliance. Longer time in the device = Fewer ulcers, quicker healing and greater cost savings.


The HK AFO is reimbursable by most health insurance providers for prevention of plantar flexion contracture in appropriate patients, including patients with spinal cord injuries, some stroke patients, and more.* Most other heel off-loading products are not reimbursable.
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¹ When compared to traditional offloading boots
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