The Ankle Keeper

Currently the only product of its kind on the market, the Ankle Keeper is an innovative off-loading device that is designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries/ulcers of the ankle bones (malleoli), replacing the traditional bulky and uncomfortable boots.
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The Ankle Keeper being worn by patient.


Our physician-designed U-shaped cushion, combined with an elastic sleeve, effectively offloads the malleoli while maintaining the highest level of patient comfort.
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Effectively off-loads the malleoli

These wounds are very difficult to heal due to the extremely thin overlying skin.
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Manages peri-ulcer swelling

Physician-designed “Horseshoe cushion” allows lymphatic drainage and edema release in the physiologic direction toward the heart, minimizing edge effect while off-loading the ankle bone (malleolus).
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Washable moisture-wicking material

Constructed from moisture-wicking fabric, the entire device (including the foam insert) is washable, making it easy to maintain a clean treatment environment.
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Enhanced comfort, improved compliance. Extended time in the device = quicker healing and greater cost savings.
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Hemless design

Our no-hem design prevents skin irritation of the shin and foot that is common in other products. The Ankle Keeper limits exposure of the skin to stitching wherever possible.
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Safe for walking

The Ankle Keeper can be worn with most shoes or slippers and used in conjunction with compression sleeves.

Patients & Physicians Love The Heel Keeper

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Desmond Bell, Founder & President Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation

“Dr. Finley’s design addresses critical factors, including anatomy and the physical issues surrounding an immobile patient. I have personally worn a Heel Keeper and found it to be comfortable to the point that I was unaware I was wearing it after a short amount of time.”

Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS

Founder & President
Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation
Claudia Persa Headshot, Persa Inc Adult Family Home

"I have been a caregiver for over 24 years and own an Adult Foster Care home.  I have never come across such an amazing product for pressure sores. Recently, a sweet resident with Parkinson’s developed large pressure sores on both of her heels. The resident’s son had heard of the Heel Keeper and suggested I try it.  It was the best product I have ever used for pressure sores. In a short period of time they were gone! Our resident continues to wear the products and has had no recurrence of the pressure sores. I highly recommend and am so glad I discovered this product."

Claudia Persa

Persa Inc Adult Family Home


Frequently asked questions about the pressure ulcer (bedsores) and the Ankle Keeper.
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Can you wear shoes while wearing the Ankle Keeper?

Yes, with most shoes.

Can you safely walk in the keepers?


Can you wear compression under the Ankle Keeper?

Yes. It may require a larger size depending on the type of compression. The size will be determined by the ankle circumference while the compression is in place.

Is the Ankle Keeper a compression device?

No. It easily slips on like a regular sock.

My caregiver loves your products, but I can't get them at my Nursing Home. Any help?

Patient and caregiver requests are very influential in getting new/different products stocked in various institutions, e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Please reach out to your administrative/purchasing staff to request that Ulcer Solutions products get added to the available inventory.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

No, all of the Ulcer Solutions products are available without a prescription. Please visit our Amazon store by clicking the "Order Now" link found throughout the website.

Are the keepers right or left specific?

No, they both fit either leg.

Are the keepers washable?

Yes, we advise hand washing the covers. The cushions can be wiped with soap and water and air dried.

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Order your Ankle Keeper

Find your size: measure the circumference of your ankle just above ankle bones.
Small – (<7.5”) (<19.0cm)
Medium – (7.5-9.0”) (19.0-23cm)
Large – (9.0-10.5”) (23-27cm)
XL – (>10.5") (>27cm)

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¹ When compared to traditional offloading boots
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