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Is Flexor Plantar Contracture a concern?

All patients who are immobile for a length of time will develop a contracture (stiff joint), whether their ankle is in a neutral position or plantar flexed. The Heel Keeper allows the patient to safely walk and the ankle joint to be moved through the range of motion while in bed which helps prevent contracture in awake patients. If a patient is comatose or completely immobile they will develop a contracture in whatever position the ankle is in. Our soon-to-be released Heel Keeper AFO will provide protection against developing a contracture and can be used for treatment.

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Can you wear shoes while wearing the Ankle Keeper?

Yes, with most shoes.

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Can you safely walk in the keepers?


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Can you wear compression under the Ankle Keeper?

Yes. It may require a larger size depending on the type of compression. The size will be determined by the ankle circumference while the compression is in place.

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Is the Ankle Keeper a compression device?

No. It easily slips on like a regular sock.

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Does the Heel Keeper increase the risk of foot drop?

No. Foot drop is typically caused by an injury to the peronal nerve just below the knee around the fibular head. It can occur because of compression in the area by a cast, cushion, or boot. The Heel Keeper is designed to avoid such compression risks.

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Can I wear my compression stockings with the Heel Keeper?

Yes, all Ulcer Solutions products can be worn safely with compression garments.

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My caregiver loves your products, but I can't get them at my Nursing Home. Any help?

Patient and caregiver requests are very influential in getting new/different products stocked in various institutions, e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Please reach out to your administrative/purchasing staff to request that Ulcer Solutions products get added to the available inventory.

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Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

No, all of the Ulcer Solutions products are available without a prescription. Please visit our Amazon store by clicking the "Order Now" link found throughout the website.

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Is the Achilles Tendon protected in the Heel Keeper?

Yes, the cushion is contoured to provide relief for the Achilles Tendon.

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Are the keepers right or left specific?

No, they both fit either leg.

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Are the keepers washable?

Yes, we advise hand washing the covers. The cushions can be wiped with soap and water and air dried.


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