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Would you recommend Ulcer Solutions?

Christopher J Finley, MD, FACEP, CWSP
Chief Medical Officer & Founder
March 13, 2023

Wound Clinician Willingness to Recommend Ulcer Solutions Products, the Heel Keeper and Ankle Keeper.


An anonymous survey was administered to attendees of seven wound care educational conferences to determine the willingness of wound care clinicians to recommend Ulcer Solutions’ new off-loading products, the Heel Keeper and Ankle Keeper, to their patients requiring heel and/or ankle off-loading.


Data was gathered at 7 regional and national wound care conferences during 2017-2018. Conference attendees who stopped at the Ulcer Solutions exhibit booth were surveyed. An iPad was used as the survey tool and data entry was anonymous. There were no exclusion criteria.

Questions Asked:

Would you recommend Ulcer Solutions products to your patients?

Would you recommend Ulcer Solutions products to your patients?

Where do you work?

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What is your specialty?

Ulcer Solutions Study - Specialty

Study Findings:

A total of 129 attendees participated. Overall, 115 (89%) of respondents would recommend Ulcer Solutions products for their patients, 14 (11%) respondents wanted additional information before recommending and there were no negative responses.


This data shows that wound care professionals including physicians, podiatrists, mid-level providers, nurses and physical therapists would overwhelmingly recommend Ulcer Solutions’ products for their patients who need off-loading of the heel and/or ankle.


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